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Fan Fiction for "Pride and Prejudice"

Darcy's Dialogues -- Darcy's point of view (Get the BOOK!) (map) (Listen)
Behind the scenes of "Pride and Prejudice" as Fitzwilliam Darcy deals with all manner of friend and foe while struggling with his feelings for that upstart from Hertfordshire.

Pemberley Pen Pals -- A sequel to "Pride and Prejudice" (Get the BOOK!)
Everyone descends upon Pemberley to assist with the birth of Elizabeth's first child.
Anne de Glorious
Anne de Bourgh is relieved to be off the hook now that Darcy is engaged to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. She is absolutely determined to defy her mother and come to their wedding, and Lizzy herself is determined to ensure that all the arrangements are satisfactory. (3,000 words)
Ed's opinion of the various "Pride and Prejudice" adaptations
Listen to Ed's definitive word on P&P screen adaptations. (other Jane Austen adaptations) (Colour pics from 1940!)
Poems of Pride and Prejudice
Thoughts never revealed by Jane Austen.
Sonnets of Pride and Prejudice
More thoughts never revealed by Jane Austen.
Darcy's Rime -- work in progress
Darcy speaks in the first person with anapestic verse.
A Rich Young Man Who Needs a Wife -- work in progress
"Pride and Prejudice" from Darcy's point of view, in iambic verse.
(Hear this poem on Youtube!)
Smaller items
Helen's First Week at Pemberley
Helen is a new maid at Pemberley and she's well aware that there's a new mistress about. And new mistresses are to be avoided at all costs. (700 words)
After Pride and Prejudice -- A work in progress
This is a prose retelling of the "Pen Pals" series, in which a variety of characters tell us about the events that lead up to the birth of Elizabeth Darcy's first child.
Greer Garson
Jane Austen mentions Greer Garson's birthday on the very first page of "Pride and Prejudice." Coincidence?
Celebrate this most breathtaking woman by listening to Ed go on and on about Greer and her movies.
Fan fiction for "Madame Curie" (1943) (Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon)
What if Pierre Curie had let Marie return to Poland?
Fan fiction for "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (1939) (Robert Donat, Greer Garson)
What if Kathy had never kissed Chipping on the railway platform?
A book in the hand is worth two on the web
What is handier than a paperback book when you want to relax in your easychair with a glass of port at your side and an ottoman at your feet?
Darcy's Dialogues -- in book form
Pemberley Pen Pals -- in book form
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